In 2017, Coachella will go from 99,000 attendees to 125,000

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Cheap Snapbacks 29; Bossa Nova Brunch with Luca Mundaca, Jan. 29; Rags to Riches Rockabilly Blowout featuring Johnny Fay Bel Aires and David Loy the Ramrods Feb. 2; Toronzo Cannon, Feb. But even as prices soar, attendance continues to grow along with it. Earlier this month, the Indio City Council agreed to allow Goldenvoice to raise the cap on attendance for both Coachella and country music festival Stagecoach. In 2017, Coachella will go from 99,000 attendees to 125,000 and Stagecoach will increase from 75,000 to 85,000.. Cheap Snapbacks

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