“I think that this is the governor kind of using his bully

They can make up their own decisions but you’re not being a criminal you can decide for yourself what you want to do,” said Van Cleave.Brian Coy, the governor spokesperson, affirmed the order is a policy and if a gun owner is asked to leave at one of these locations, the punishment would be trespassing.”If you enter a facility that’s under the purview of this order, you’ll be asked to leave or you’ll deny entry. If you’re respectful, that should be the end of the story,” said Coy.The Republican controlled General Assembly passed a bill this year that would have undone the governor’s order; however, McAuliffe vetoed that measure.”I think that this is the governor kind of using his bully pulpit to be a bully. Law abiding gun owners are the ones who have the concealed carry permits anyway.

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cheap ray ban sunglasses Attorney General Leslie Rutledge http://www.raybansaler.com/, whose office had asked the court to uphold the state law, said she was grateful for the court’s ruling.Fayetteville City Attorney Kit Williams said he disagreed with the court’s ruling and will now focus on challenging the law’s constitutionality in the lower court.”They can’t, by not using express terms, accomplish the same result which is truly what their intent was, which was to prevent the city from enacting protections for its gay and lesbian residents,” Williams said, referring to the Legislature’s passage of the 2015 law.Eureka Springs, a mountain resort town known as a gay friendly tourist destination, also approved broad anti discrimination protections for LGBT people in 2015. More limited measures covering only government agencies and contractors were enacted in the state capital, Little Rock, the surrounding county and in Hot Springs.Arkansas is one of three states that ban local LGBT protections. Tennessee has a similar ban fake ray ban sunglasses, and the prohibition is also part of North Carolina’s controversial law restricting which bathrooms transgender people can use. cheap ray ban sunglasses

fake ray ban sunglasses Women Count hopes its new crowdfunding platform makes it easier for individuals to support whichever one of those issues they care most about, helping to accomplish the overarching goal of getting more women elected, Mason said. Crowdfunding is a distinct shift away from the world of super PACs and “dark money,” with donations as small as $25 amplified when people share what they care about within their own personal networks. While many organizations work toward campaign finance reform through legislation and efforts to overturn Citizens United, Mason said Women Count is one of the only groups “that’s actually looking at real solutions to how to make that happen.” fake ray ban sunglasses.

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